Brand new from VR Tuned is the ability to have both economy and sport mode on your Siemens ECU equipped Porsche.  As a first from the VR Tuned tuners, Porsche vehicles with sport chrono and Siemens ECU can now get this feature.  If requested, we can program your ECU so that the tune is only activated when you are in sport mode.  This gives you your standard mapping to drive around with and your VR Tuned POWER when sport mode is pressed.  This feature is available for all Porsche vehicles with the Siemens ECU and Sport Chrono.

Vehicles available are: Porsche Cayenne 08-13, Porsche Turbo 10-13, Porsche Panamera 10-13, or any other model using the Siemens SDI3 or SDI3 ECU.

Contact VR Tuned for more information or to order your ECU Flash for Porsche at 4809.966.3040.

ecu-sport-button-tuning-1 ecu-sport-button-tuning-2 ecu-sport-button-tuning-3 ecu-sport-button-tuning-4 ecu-sport-button-tuning-5






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