The Subaru BRZ and its cousin the Scion FRS are 2 vehicles that really wake up from tuning.  The FA20 2.0L naturally aspirated boxxer engine has some sluggishness in the low rpm’s along with a torque dip.  What this engine does do is rev high and deliver its 200 horsepower up top.  Typically, enthusiasts will start modifying their BRZ with an exhaust, intake, headers, overpipe.  But when you do a new header or overpipe and replace the factory cat, you can get a check engine light.  When tuning the Subaru BRZ, we not only give the car more performance and torque, we take into account these modifications to maximize the cars full potential.  If you are looking to improve your Subaru BRZ, doing a VR Tuned ECU flash is the way to go!  Order your Subaru BRZ Scion FRS ECU Tune here.

Subaru BRZ VRtuned Subaru BRZ VRtuned-2 Subaru BRZ VRtuned-3

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