One of our international customers just finished the ECU Flash via the OBDII porsche with our tuning system.  Following the easy steps at, he merely had to plug in cable to the laptop to do the read out and then write to the new file.  The yellow Carrera 4s DFI car is one of the rarer vehicles we get to see.  




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  1. Raafat

    First of all thanks to vividracing/VRTuned team for the prompt response in terms of delivery and fast communications. Although the process seems to be strait forward, there were some terrifying moments when the flash program stopped in the middle of the process with errors and the car wouldn’t start. I thought the ECU was damaged, however Dan from vivid was immediately replying back with instructions and directions. In terms of performance, since I had already extracted about 30hp from the cargraphic high performance exhaust system I can only feel minor change in the performance, most notable is the sharper gear shifting. I didn’t dyno the car yet, however thanks again for the great support and fast reply.

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