Our customer Tony just had his Mini Cooper S Cabrio dialed in with our VR Tuned ECU Flash.  The ECU Flash is all done via the OBDII port with our iFlash system.  Tony’s car was already nicely modded with a reduced supercharger pulley, different crank pulley, intake, and exhaust.  Tony wanted to really make all his modifications come together.  With the VR Tuned ECU flash we are able to remotely custom tune his car to provide him a new tuned file that gets it done.  As he told us, “Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome tune & the excellent customer service I really appreciated the fact that you took the time to help me out with my mini when you deal with some of the most exotic cars around you didn’t make me feel like (oh that’s just a little ole mini ) thanks again, I took my car out again today for another drive and it just pulls really good everywhere with all the bolt on goodies that I added your tune just brought everything together thanks again.”

Get your VR Tuned Mini Cooper Flash Here

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