Porsche 991 GT3 Performance ECU Tune from VR Tuned

barrett-porsche-991-gt3The Porsche 991 GT3 is one of the best track-oriented performance cars to ever exist. It’s also the first GT3 that was only available with Porsche’s PDK system, which unfortunately upset many enthusiasts. The 3.8L flat-six engine screams all the way up to 9000 RPMs where it makes an insane 475 horsepower. Getting 475 horsepower ...
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VRTuned.com Porsche ECU Tuning Website Launched

Vivid Racing has always been a huge proponent of VRTuned and their ECU tuning for Porsche vehicles.  Having assisted Vivid Racing in the success of our Porsche 996TT and Porsche 997TT, we have furthered our relationship with launching this new website at www.VRTuned.com.   VRTunedTuning.com has a whole new approach to customer interaction and ECU
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Porsche 996 GT3 ECU Flash Tuning

Porsche 996 GT3 - $1195 The GT3 is the ultimate track car. With a high revving motor, tuned suspension, and a package that can take you for the fastest lap ever, what else do you need? VRTuned focuses...