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Mini Cooper S F56 2.0 Turbo Gets VR Tuned

Anyone who has ever driven a Mini, knows how insanely fun they are to drive. They’re small, nimble, and handle great, but they aren’t very fast in a straight line. Luckily, getting more power out the F56 Mini is easy thanks to the use of BMW’s turbocharged B48 engine. The typical intake and exhaust modifications […]

2011 Mini Cooper S 1.6L Turbo ECU Tuning

Mini Cooper makes some of the most iconic hot hatches in existence. Pretty much everyone knows how much fun it is to zip around town in a Mini, but when it comes to pure performance, some of us are left wanting more. Luckily, Mini has been using turbocharged engines, and getting more from a turbo […]

Mini Cooper S 1.6L R56 Turbo ECU Flashing Video

Although the R56 Cooper S is loads of fun to drive around town with or hit a canyon road, it is a touch underpowered. For many drivers, the amount of power it has it plenty, but enthusiasts always want a little more. Thankfully, Mini used a turbocharged engine in the R56 instead of a supercharged […]