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BMW 335I F30 Stage 2 ECU Flash by VR Tuned

We all know the BMW M3 is performance icon. The F80 M3, in particular, is the benchmark for modern high-performance sedans. Unfortunately, the M3 is very expensive and not feasible for many enthusiasts. Luckily, nearly all BMW 3-series are great enthusiast cars. Some might even say the 335i is a better deal than the M3 thanks […]

Mini Cooper S 1.6L R56 Turbo ECU Flashing Video

Although the R56 Cooper S is loads of fun to drive around town with or hit a canyon road, it is a touch underpowered. For many drivers, the amount of power it has it plenty, but enthusiasts always want a little more. Thankfully, Mini used a turbocharged engine in the R56 instead of a supercharged […]