When it comes to the UTV world and everything revolving around it, many owners find joy in their stock machine. For others, improvements and refinement are in the playbook before the purchase. No matter what it is, there are always going to be improvements to be made. Often times owners spend time and money upgrading the suspension components to better suit off-road conditions.

One thing people often overlook is the tuning of their machine from the factory. The engine is typically de-tuned to prevent catastrophic engine failures from happening. What isn’t disclosed is that the engine can actually handle much more than what it is putting out from the factory. As a result, many enthusiasts wait to tune their UTV until performance modifications have been done.

In most cases, owners can find a significant power increase just from tuning the stock engine. Being as most UTV’s feature a turbocharger, the boost pressure is easily raised and fuel trims adjusted to compensate for the extra air now entering the engine. In naturally aspirated applications the fuel mixture and timing play a massive role in the performance versus turbocharged machines.

Top 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Tune Your UTV

1.) Increased Throttle Response

Tuning a UTV can make a remarkable difference to the throttle response. Increasing the fuel input produces stronger combustion which in turn allows the throttle to be instant. With such an increase, making tight corners that require throttle control becomes a breeze as there is no longer a delay from when the pedal is pushed down. This can be a massive help for those who race and need to be on throttle going through corners and have an instantaneous response.

2.) Raised Limiters

The rev and speed limiters are put in place from the factory to prevent novice drivers from getting seriously hurt. Being a novice also means you aren’t aware of your RPMS. Since most machines utilize a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) there are no gears to shift. Because of this the engine can reach maximum RPMS immediately, but won’t exceed a certain limit. For those that are experienced, limiters can become a burden as the RPM range is very wide when decelerating which can leave the machine at an undesirable RPM when cornering. Speed limiters are raised to suite racers that need the extra miles per hour to keep charging ahead.

3.) Considerable Power Gains

With forced induction applications, increased power is easily achieved by raising the boost levels and making other minor adjustments. As a result of raised boost pressure, more power is pumped out which gives owners better response when going uphill. Due to torque typically being low in the factory form, UTV’s can use escalated torque to breeze through those inclined trails. An increase in power will also provide owners with faster launches, acceleration, and top speeds.

4.) Flashing Back To Factory

Many owners are constantly thinking of the resale value of their UTV after some time. Before selling a machine, owners typically want to condition it back to its stock form so the next owner has a clean slate to start from. Since the ECU is flash tuned, it can easily be reverted back to stock at any point if you have the correct tuning kit that allows it. For those that mail in their ECU, it will need to be mailed back in or taken to a local shop to have the factory tune flashed back on.

5.) FUN

The fun never ends when there is a considerable increase in power. Having the engine working at its maximum efficiency will give you a smile you can’t wipe away. Planting the pedal against the floor can induce a thrill you possibly might never experience again. Once you tune your machine, you will never want to go back to stock as you will notice all your favorite trails are now going uphill in loose dirt which a stock machine can’t handle.

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Tuning alone can yield great success with any machine. Increasing the power within the factory limits will provide instant throttle response, a significant increase in power/ torque, and endless fun to go around for hours on end. Tuning is completely 100% safe and reliable. If you have any questions regarding our tunes, please feel free to reach out to us at tuning@vividracing.com

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can reach us by phone at 1-480-966-3040 or via email at sales@vividracing.com

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