VR Tuned has now released their transmission tuning for the BMW GS19 and GS20 transmissions.  These transmission are featured in the automatic versions of some of the most popular BMW applications.  The GS19 transmission is featured in cars that have the N54 twin turbocharged engine such as the 135I, 335I, and 535I.  The performance capabilities of these performance engine vehicles is so great that having an equally matching transmission is a must.  Instead of just clearing adaptations or resetting the TCU, the VR Tuned BMW GS19 transmission flash is a full custom program of the TCU.  Providing faster shifts, better paddle gear changes, capable of changing the shift points, launch control rpm (where applicable), and redline.  The TCU is a perfect match for the street car wanting better driveability or the high horsepower car wanting better performance.  In addition to the GS19, we can also do the GS20 gearbox modules.  The GS20 is found in some of the older vehicles such as the early E46 3 series, Z3, X5 vehicles.  Similar improvements are done to the TCU module to improve the shifting speed and performance.

All BMW Transmission Tuning is done with the Frieling iFlash software via the OBDII port.  The GS19 and GS20 transmissions can both be read and written to.  Once you receive the cable from us, you follow the general instructions here to read your TCU.  Once read, the file is then emailed to us for tuning.  After tuning is done, we email it back to you to be uploaded to your car.  No downtime, zero hassle, real tuning!

Order your BMW GS19 and GS20 Transmission Tuning Here.

VRT-BMW-GS19  VR Tuned GS19 Gearbox Transmission Tune BMW   $475.00  
 VRT-BMW-GS20  VR Tuned GS20 Gearbox Transmission Tune BMW   $475.00  

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