Once you upgrade your 997TT VTG Turbochargers and flash the car, you need to calibrate or initialize the wastegate actuators if you are not making boost.  This can ONLY be done using a Porsche PIWIS tool which all Porsche dealers have.  The ECU program file is working, but the car needs to communicate with the new turbo actuators.  To do this process, simply follow these instructions with your shop:

1. Warm up the car.
2. Use the PIWIS tester and perform a full search of the cars control units faults and erase all the faults . This is under “Special Functions” under the 997.
3. Next go into “DME”.
4. Next select “System Check”.
5. Next select “Adaption of boost pressure actuator”
6. Make sure all the pre requisites are good and perform the function by pressing F8.

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