The BMW M5 V10 E60 was one of the fastest production sedans ever of its time when released in 2006.  The V10 engine was massive and gave the M car a exotic sports car sound.  Having done several VR Tuned ECU Flashes for the BMW M5 and personally owned one here, this car could gain a lot from some nice tuning.  The biggest drawback of the M5 is its low end operation.  Unless you are above 5000rpm and in manual shifting mode, the car is very sluggish.  The tune wakes up the car as a daily driver while making it that much more impressive in M mode.  The speed limiter is removed to take advantage of high speed cruising.  Tuning of the timing and air fuel ratio is completed giving the 500 horsepower monster a nice increase throughout the entire powerband.  This completely stock 2006 M5 with 96,000 miles made about 25 horsepower and 20ft/lbs of torque over stock.  Adding a exhaust, pulley, and some drop in filters will make the M5 wake up much more.  The real power comes when you do catless or high flow cat headers.

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