If you have the MK6 2010-2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI and you want to get your ECU flashed, here are some simple picture instructions on how to remove your ECU.  This particular Bosch ECU is located under the front window and has 1 time use only bolts to secure it in place.  To remove the ECU, you have to take a cut off wheel or dremel and make incisions to the heads of the bolts which allow you to then remove them with a flat head screwdriver.  See the pictures below for more information!  You can order your VR Tuned ECU Flash for the MK6 VW Golf GTI here.

GTI MK6 VRtuned-5 GTI MK6 VRtuned-6 GTI MK6 VRtuned-7 GTI MK6 VRtuned-8 GTI MK6 VRtuned-9 GTI MK6 VRtuned-10 GTI MK6 VRtuned-11 GTI MK6 VRtuned-12 GTI MK6 VRtuned-13 GTI MK6 VRtuned-14

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