The VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits cover a huge rage of cars.  Just today we shipped out kits for the Audi S4 3.0L TSFI, BMW 640I F12, and BMW 750LI F01.  We have applications for just about every turbocharged car worldwide.  The advantage of Tuning Box Kits are huge for boosted cars.  Plugging into factory sensors such as Boost, Manifold Pressure, and Cam Sensor, the Tuning Box Kit has a MAP system on its microprocessor to give the car a large increase in power.  Where some cars cannot be flashed such as the Porsche 991 Turbo, a Tuning Box is the only solution.  But when a customer has the option to have their car flashed or get a Tuning Box, the Tuning Box is a great option to be easily removed for warranty or reversed if needed.  The OEM sensors plug in with ease and the aluminum, weatherproof case can hold up to any elements mounted under the hood.  With a adjustable dial for different octane fuels, the Tuning Box Kit is the go to answer for Turbocharged Cars.  Below are some pictures from the MK6 Volkswagen Golf we installed it on.  This kit is part number VRT-121102-5.

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