The DSG transmission that Volkswagen released was a game changer that will eventually bring the end to 3 pedal cars.  The dual clutch gear box provides extremely fast shifting helping improve vehicle 0-60 times by vast margins over conventional manual transmission cars.  The smoothness of the DSG transmission allows those that daily drive their vehicle to be comfortable without clunky shifting.  However, unlike a manual transmission where you can hold a gear to a rev, pick your shift point, and even do your own launch control, the DSG is limited.  VR Tuned has the ability to tune all of the DSG or S-Tronic Volkswagen and Audi transmissions.  This includes all models from 2006 to 2016. The DQ200 found in non USA cars up to 200ft/lb torque such as the 1.4L turbocharged engines is one.  What is found in most 2.0L turbocharged Golf or GTI is MK5 or MK6 is the DQ250.  This is designed for cars up to 280ft/lbs of torque capacity.  The DQ250 comes in a CEF version and a MQB version.  The original Cxx series is one of the few DSG transmissions that can actually be read out of the OBDII port where the others are ID only.

Our friends at Vivid Racing Japan wanted to improve their Volkswagen Golf GTI shifting performance so did the VR Tuned DSG Flash.  Once they read out the file and sent it in, we adjusted the calibration to provide faster shifting, firmer shifting, higher shift point changes, and overall a better experience for both manual and automatic mode.

View all the VR Tuned DSG Tuning Here.

golf-mkv-dsg-tune-1 golf-mkv-dsg-tune-2

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