How do you get more power out of the 220 horsepower Volkswagen Golf MK7?  Do a VR Tuned ECU Flash!  The MK7 ECU is a SIMOS18 that can only be done via the OBDII port.  The options to do the tuning on the new MK7 Golf is via the CMD master tool or a Dimsport MyGenius end user tool.  After you ID the vehicle, we find a matching firmware to create a new tune that greatly increases the performance, throttle response, and drivability of your Volkswagen Golf.  The 2.0L turbo engine goes from 220hp to 300hp and gains 52 ft/lbs of torque over stock.  For the Performance Package with 230 horsepower, the end results are the same of 300bhp and 310ft/lbs of torque.  A customer of ours recently added this K&N Intake and VR Tuned to their MK7 which we shot photos of.  If you have more questions, visit our VR Tuned ECU Flash for the VW Golf MK7 Here.


VWGTI_Intake_VRTuned-5 VWGTI_Intake_VRTuned-6 VWGTI_Intake_VRTuned-7 miles-gti-mk7-cmd-read-1 miles-gti-mk7-cmd-read-2

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