The Volkswagen Touareg has actually been a favorite of mine for quite some time.  Having owned the TDI, the Touareg is an excellent hauler and suprisingly handles great too.  Built on the Cayenne chassis, the Touareg comes equipped with some serious braking components to match its handling capabilities.  Having variants including the TDI, V8, and V6, there is no shortage of options for the Touareg family.  This particular customer came to us with his 3.6L V6 Touareg and wanted to get more steam out of the 280 horsepower engine.  The ECU flash for this SUV is done via the OBDII port or for those not in Arizona, you can mail us your ECU.  Our performance flash opens the SUV up giving you much quicker throttle response, more torque, and harder pull all the way to redline.  To take things 1 step further, this customer also added our 3 Stage Power Pedal which controls how quickly the electronic throttle response is.  With a 6 hour drive ahead of him, we reached out in email to see how he was doing.  He replied with, “Superb!! I am a happy camper!  Many thanks :)”  Thats what we like to hear!  Check out more on our Volkswagen Touareg ECU Flashes Here.

edgar-touareg-flash-2 edgar-touareg-flash-3 edgar-touareg-flash-4 edgar-touareg-flash-1

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