Need Help with Your Remote Tuning?

VR Remote garage was designed with the non savvy computer person in mind or someone who wants us to do their ECU Tune Remotely from start to finish! If the thought of connecting a computer to your expensive vehicle scares you, then we have a solution for you! Vivid Racing and VR Tuned can remotely flash your vehicle for you. We use a screen sharing program that allows us to remotely view your desktop and take control to read out your vehicle and then following up to flash it.  While using our Live Support feature to the right or on the phone with us, we will walk you through the process. This service gives you a worry free experience, while you sit back relax as we make your day VIVID.

How it works:

  • Schedule a installation time.
  • We take over your computer remotely.
  • Download the screenshare program
  • Stand by with your laptop, car, battery charger.
  • We take care of the rest.  Our certified tech will walk you thru it every step of the way.

What is required by you:

  • The tuning device
  • Windows PC Laptop (sorry no Macs)
  • Your Vehicle
  • A good internet connection

To purchase this upgrade if you have not done so already, please contact us at

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