Had one of our local customers come in for a VR Tuned 3 stage power pedal installation on his F12 BMW 650I.  The Power Pedal is a device that goes between your electronic throttle gas pedal to give you 3 settings of more responsive throttle response.  The device is a simple plug and play.  The light indicator is green for sport and red for super sport.  With the light off, it is acting as normal.  The power pedal works with your factory sport or M modes but providing an even more responsive feel to the throttle.  Check out all the 3 Stage Power Pedals here.

VR_Tuned_PowerPedal VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-2 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-3 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-4 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-5 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-6


VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-8 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-9 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-10 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-11 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-12 VR_Tuned_PowerPedal-13

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