Our customer Jorge just got his BMW M3 boosted up with a VR Tuned OBDII Flash on his 4.0L V8.  The flashing changes the overall driving improvement of the M3.  From startup, we can get rid of the annoying cold start.  When you start driving, the cars throttle response is more sensitive and reactive to the driver inputs.  As you rev through the RPM’s, the car pulls strong all the way to redline.  On the E9x M3 tune we can raise the rev limiter if you really want to pass 8500!  For those running cat delete pipes or headers, we can provide a custom tune as well.  Check out Jorge’s M3 ECU Flash we did and order your VR Tuned BMW Flash Here.

jorge-bmw-m3-tune-2 jorge-bmw-m3-tune-3 jorge-bmw-m3-tune-4

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