The Lexus IS200T and NX200T installation is very straight forward.  There are 3 sensors that you have to connect to.  This includes the boost pressure, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors.  All that is required is to plug each end of the VR Tuned harness into the corresponding part of the sensor.  Pull apart the factory sensor and 1 side goes in the male and 1 goes in the female.  Make sure the Camshaft Sensor is not plugged in upside down or it will go into limp mode.  See the photo below.  The included jumper plug can be used to put the car in a “stock” map as it is just creating an electrical loop.  The back of the box has a dial that can be changed for octane used, see related article here.

Plug Correct Position

Lexus 20T Boost PressureLexus 20T CamshaftLexus 20T Manifold PressureLexus 20T overview

For those with the NX200T, here are some install photos.