We just finished this ECU flash on a customers Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 here at Vivid Racing.  The 2.0L turbocharged front wheel drive machine is a very popular platform and can benefit tremendously from a ECU upgrade.  With an ECU upgrade you can do things like turn off the CEL from catless downpipes, change the torque limiter, remove the top speed limiter, and much more.  This particular car already had some nice mods on it including a Akrapovic exhaust and a cold air intake.  Using 91octane as pump fuel is always a challenge and even more so when it is near 110F outside!  We chose to dyno the car in AWD mode on our Mustang AWD dyno so we did not have any traction control or reduced power issues.  The baseline dyno made 194awhp and 201ft/lbs of torque.  Once the ECU was removed from the car to be bench flashed and upgrade, we did the after test once it was reinstalled.  The car gained tremendous power from 3000rpm to 5000rpm.  Because of the lack of airflow and heat, the top end RPM of 5100rpm to 6200rpm was a little less.  At 4300rpm the power gain was about 40awhp and the torque was about 45ft/lbs.  Check out the pics, ECU Removal Guide Here, and order your VR Tuned MK6 Golf GTI Flash Here.

GTI MK6 VRtuned-2

GTI MK6 VRtuned-13

GTI MK6 VRtuned-15

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