So why is this the best flash? Read our new FAQ’s here.

Having tuned several Turbo’s since 2006 with VRTuned, we have been able to first hand experience the performance increase and see the proven results on the dyno and at the track. Having personally owned 2 Cayenne’s that were tuned and felt the improved driveability for day to day use as well as performance, I have also had my very own 700HP 996 Turbo, 825HP 997 Turbo, 650HP 997.2 Turbo S, 2010 GT3RS were all VRTuned Tuned. We have tuned cars with no miles and cars with 80,000 miles.

Do I have to send my ECU to you? No way! (But some yes). That would be dumb. Flash your car from the convenience of your work or home via the OBDII port and the flash cable we provide. You follow the instructions as seen here (written by myself to be very clear for any computer skill level) – All you need is a windows base laptop and a battery tender. Mac users, I have had customers boot up in windows mode to do this. If you have the tools but not the confidence, no problem, give me a call and I will do a remote screen share with you and help you do the read and write – 4809663040 x222.

Do I need to wait to do the flash for my other mods? Nope, all basic bolt-ons such as exhaust, intake, plenum, intercoolers, etc do not require a re-reflash. The only time when you need to do a new tune is when you upgrade turbo or fuel components. The ECU will adjust for basic bolt-ons and should never require special tuning for such things as a exhaust. If you buy the flash now and add on bigger turbos or injectors at a later date, you only pay the difference as a Upgrade Tune not the price of a full new flash.

What about the gas I run. I only get 91 octane? We have tunes available for both 91 and 93 octane (95 and 98 ron equilvalent). Anytime you run better octane, the performance will increase. It is not recommended to run straight C16 if you have cats as this will damage the O2 sensors and cause a issue.

Is there any other things I need to do besides the flash? Technically no. The only thing we recommend doing on the Turbocharged Porsche is upgrading to a 1 step colder spark plug. Because of the increased horsepower, torque, and boost pressure, the stock plug will foul out pretty quick at peak torque around 4500rpm. This will cause a misfire and be immediately noticed. Colder spark plug is always recommended when increasing the power, especially when that increase is 100hp!

Do you do “Custom Tuning”? We do custom tuning for upgrades such as larger injectors, bigger turbos, engine modifications, MAFless, etc. These custom tunes are priced per basis. Regular tuning is done on your direct file, that is why we have you read it out. For all tunes, we raise the secondary O2 limits so you will not get a CEL from high flow cats or catless exhausts. On 6speed cars we raise the rev limiter 500rpm unless requested not to.

How do I order? You can order online on at our VRTuned Catalog Here


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  1. Danny

    Hi, I have labtop but it only has 1.75 GB of rams. Will this work or will this be an issue when reflashing the ecu?

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