Like its predeccessors, the new 2010 997.2 GT3 is quite a beast.  Making 435bhp and 316ft/lbs of torque, it is already a monster. To achieve such a feat, no part of the powertrain was left untouched. The seven oil pumps of the dry sump lubrication system were put on a strict diet as were the air-con compressor and dual mass flywheel. Forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, hollow camshafts, and special lightweight valves and cup tappets not only reduce mass, they allow for a maximum engine speed of 8250rpm — 100rpm higher than the previous GT3.

Then there is the complex exhaust system; though composed of a complicated arrangement of fan-type manifolds, boxy catalytic convertors, and presilencers connected via ECU controlled butterfly valves to a single transverse mounted muffler, the system weighs 1 kilogram less than the older system on the previous GT3. What’s more, the new system significantly reduces back pressure and adds 20Nm of performance (and that deep bass roar) at the push of a dash mounted sport button.

All of this is furthered by the tuning of VRTuned adjusting the entire 1mb of the timing and fuel maps via the OBDII port.  Like all VRTuned maps, you are able to keep your original map to load back to stock at any time.  The new tuned file is done for either 91 or 93 octane and automatically adjusts for race gas which advances the timing.  The VRTuned ECU Flash for the 997.2 GT3 takes your car to an incredible 355hp and 337ft/lbs of torque.

Read more about the tuning process here –

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  1. Markus Nordlin

    Mail in or ODBC for 997.2 GT3 ecu? Website confusing. If ODBC can return VRTuned customers get a discount as I already have cable from my VRTuned Cayman flash a few years ago?

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