The Panamera SDI6 ECU for the Turbo or non-turbo is flashed the same.  But the only way it can be done is in boot mode on the bench.  These are 2 words that we hear a lot of but do not make sense to the normal individual.  Boot Mode is similar to starting up your computer in a DOS prompt for example.  You have to boot it up.  So to have your ECU turned on and into boot mode so you can read and write the data, you have to flash it on the bench.  Now what is the bench?  In my case, its part of my desk LOL.  The bench would be bench flash tools that allow you to connect to the ECU once the case is open.  The ECU cover removes from the ECU exposing the circuit board and then with instruction from the tool maker, you connect a series of pins and wires to it to boot the ECU up.  On the SDI6, we have wires that go directly on to the pins which are 2 power wires, a ground, CAN H, and CAN L signal.  Then on the board we use bungy pins which press down on the circuit board connections as directed.  On the SDI6 ECU, you have to create a LINK between 2 pins and then the other pins are the Boot pin and the CNF1 pin.  Once all of this is connected, you are able to then read out the ECU file or write back to the ECU.  This is just part of the process that does not even include the tuning.  So when you see a price tag, you now know what is involved to delicately flash these computers!

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