We have done are fair share of N54 BMW 335I ECU tuning, but the unknown child of performance is BMW’s 335D for Diesel.  The turbo diesel power has huge gains much like our Volkswagen Touareg TDI flash did.  Diesel cars benefit extremely well from a ECU flash and this 335d proved it on our Mustang Dyno.

One thing to note is the ECU change that occured in the 2011.  Where as the previous 06-10 BMW 335 was a Bosch EDC16, the 2011 is a EDC17 like the new F30 chassis.  This ECU can only be flashed on the bench outside of the car.  Our test car was a 2011 though we have flashed the earlier ones as pictured with our BMW VR iFlash.  The baseline vs tuned graph tells a great story.  The performance given from the VR Tuned flash gains horsepower and torque at 2100 rpm and continues to about 4000 rpm before the car shifted into 4th gear.  This is nearly a 40 ft/lbs of torque gain consistantly.  After the customer left our dyno session, they simply said, “Yes it drives great! I drove it a little!! Thank you so much for everything!

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