The BMW 335I N54 really changed the BMW market as the first turbocharged tuner platform.  The twin turbo 6cylinder engine had excellent power through the entire curve.  As with any tuner platform, the mods are endless.  One of the basic modifications you can do to the 335I N54 is a ECU tune.  All of our ECU flashes for the 335I N54 and N55 are done via the OBDII port.  We do basic map changes to improve torque and horsepower.  The tune takes your car from 302HP | 295ft/lbs to 370HP | 369ft/lbs.  We have customers around the world that run our tuning in different climates, environments, octanes, and competition.

You can order your VR Tuned BMW 335I ECU Flash Here

carlos-335i-flash-1 carlos-335i-flash-2 carlos-335i-flash-3

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