The new 2015 BMW F10 535I has one of the most popular engines that BMW has put out since the S52… the N55.  The single turbo engine that is found in all 35I variants makes a very strong 306 horsepower stock.  While maintaining great fuel economy, the full size BMW sedan is an excellent vehicle for shuffling around clients and doing it in style.  VR Tuned’s Tuning Box is a plug and play module that once installed, adds 60 horsepower over stock!  With this installed you will feel faster throttle response, more torque, and the car pull harder to redline.  The harness is pretty easy to install taking about 30-45 minutes.  The engine cover and air intake is all that you need to remove as pictured below.  The major challenge is doing the camshaft plug which is vertical and in a tight spot.  The multi channel tuning box can be easily hid underneath the brake master cylinder cover where you can plug in the jumper for street use or the tuning box for Competition Race Use.  You can order your VR Tuned Tuning Box Here.

Note: The BMW N55 engine had a change over for the manifold pressure/boost pressure plugs in 2011.  When ordering this kit, it is best to send us a photo to ensure you get the correct kit which can be a 121096-1, 121177, or a 121170-1 harness.  For any questions, contact our Performance Specialist Team at 1.480.966.3040.










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