One of our customers from Hong Kong wanted to really get the most out of his super big engine luxury vehicles.  Having two of the best and biggest displacement engines can be fun, but even more fun with a VR Tuned ECU Flash.  First up was the BMW M5 E60 with the 5.0L V10 engine.  We have done this a gazillion times and the M5 loves the tune providing faster throttle response and more torque down low.  This drastically changes how this M5 drives in normal conditions and rips even harder when pushed.  The second car was a Bentley Continental GT W12 6.0L.  The twin turbocharged massive Bentley engine puts out a strong 560bhp just 60 more than the M5.  But because it is turbocharged, the gains are impressive.  As the client said plainly, “WOW!”.  Both these cars can be done via the OBDII port using our iFlash system as seen here.

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