The BMW X5M with its 4.4L twin turbo engine produces an incredible 547 horsepower.  As one of the fastest SUVs on the market during its reign (2010-2013), this engine would be what launched in the highly anticipated F10 M5.  The X5M features a Siemens MSD8x ECU which can be tuned using our OBDII iFlash system.  Reading out the ECU and writing back to the ECU is easy and can be done in the convenience of your garage, shop, or at the track.  All that is required is a PC based laptopr.  This customer of ours wanted more horsepower which is definitely what the ECU Flash does.  Horsepower goes from 547-630bhp while torque increases from 500ft/lbs to 591ft/lbs.  This makes the BMW X5M faster and more powerful than the newer F15 X5M model with 575 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque.

Check out the pictures of the flashing process and order your VR Tuned BMW X5M ECU Flash Here.



IMG_20170801_125212 IMG_20170801_125218

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