The guys over at Enhanced Street Performance in Mass just finished this Lexus GS350 F Sport that they used our plug and play OBDII Engine and Gearbox tune on. The VRTuned Auto Flash is a very easy install to give your Lexus more torque, horsepower, and better throttle response. Several have already proven this as a solid upgrade on the Lexus IS250 and Lexus IS350 with this as just another example of VRTuneds workings!

This car baseline test made max horsepower at 6061rpm doing 82.9mph in 3rd gear at 254.8rwhp. Maximum torque was at 4483rpm doing 61.2mph making 229.9 ft/bs. With the Auto Flash loaded, the car made 266.4rwhp at 6117rpm doing 83.6mph and 241.1 ft/lbs at 4455rpm going 60.3mph.

Check out the guys at Enhanced Street Performance here.

Read Technical info about this Tune here.

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