The McLaren 12C ECU flash is one upgrade that transforms this 3.8L twin turbo supercar to a whole new level.  Having ripped the 1/2 mile to 168mph in our 12C, we love to prove our product and give customers the same awesome experience.  This ECU upgrade was done for a McLarenLife forum member who decided to give his silver 12C the extra goods.  To do the McLaren ECU upgrade, the ECU must be bench flashed which requires it to be mailed in.  The turn around time is only one day.  Once we received the ECU and completed it, the customer was able to then do some of his own testing which he posted kindly on here.

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I just sent my 12C ECU to VR last Monday and got it back on Wednesday. Austin was very helpful walking me through the whole process and gave me the Mclarenlife member discount. Subjectively the car feels much faster with improved drivability and well worth every dollar. I strongly recommend this tune to anybody out of warranty. I have run some Vbox sport acceleration times pre and post tune which are slower than expected since I had my original 3 year old Pirelli P-Zero tires on the car running in cold weather. Pre tune runs were at 50F and post tune runs at 45F. Car lost some traction in 1st and 2nd gear pre tune and 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear post tune.
Best times are shown without launch control in sport mode.
1/8 mile: pre 7.65s @ 106.2 post 7.50 @ 109.5
0-60 pre 4.02s post 4.01s
30-80 pre 3.40s post 3.22s
60-80 pre 1.41s post 1.33s
80-100 pre 1.76s post 1.59s

IMG_4272 IMG_4273 sachin-mclaren-bench-flash

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