The Mercedes C63 S AMG packs a punch of 503bhp with it’s 4.0L V8 twin turbocharged engine.  This is a ton of horsepower for the sedan and it can only go up!  For the Mercedes C63 S you can either do a ECU Flash or a tuning box.  The ECU Flash requires the ECU to be removed and opened which may scare some away as they just bought a $90,000 vehicle.  Even though ECU Tuning is very safe, the Tuning Box is a great option.  Its plug and play design connects to the cars boost, manifold, and camshaft sensors to give it a huge increase in torque and horsepower providing an incredible feeling.  The Tuning Box kit can be easily removed if need be for warranty purposes.  The dial on the back of the box can be set based on octane fuel ran.  We typically recommend the setting to be on 4 for 91 or 93 octane fuel.  With a gain of 90 horsepower and 120 nm of torque, you would be silly to NOT get this upgrade!  Check out the VR Tuned Mercedes C63 S Tuning Box Here.



mercedes-c63-40L-tuningbox-5 mercedes-c63-40L-tuningbox-3

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