Our customer William just got done installing his VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit for the Mercedes CLA 250 2.0L turbo and he is stoked on the performance increase!  The Tuning Box plug and play functionality gives the CLA 250 almost 50 horsepower gain over stock while still improving driveability and is warranty safe.  Plugging into the cars manifold, boost, and camshaft sensors, the Tuning Box micro processor takes over controlling the signals and giving the performance the CLA 250 craves for.  In addition the tuning box, this car also has a HG Motorsports cold air intake which really helps the turbocharger breathe.  Check out the pics and order your VR Tuned Tuning Box for the CLA250 Here.

william-mercedes-cla250-tuning-box-3 william-mercedes-cla250-tuning-box-2 william-mercedes-cla250-tuning-box-1


Dyno Test showing the results



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