Doing a ECU bench flash on the Mercedes CLA45 2.0L can yield some great results and driving improvement.  Along with the ability to turn off CEL from catless exhaust, raise the torque limiter, and remove the top speed governor, the ECU tune is the best money can buy.  So to remove your ECU from your car and send it in to VR Tuned to be flashed, here are some step by step pictures to follow.  Any questions, call us at 1.480.966.3040 or email

CLA45 ECU removal_-2 CLA45 ECU removal_-4 CLA45 ECU removal_-5 CLA45 ECU removal_-6 CLA45 ECU removal_-7 CLA45 ECU removal_-8.1 CLA45 ECU removal_-8 CLA45 ECU removal_-9 CLA45 ECU removal_-10 CLA45 ECU removal_-11 CLA45 ECU removal_-12 CLA45 ECU removal_-13 CLA45 ECU removal_-14 CLA45 ECU removal_-15 CLA45 ECU removal_-16 CLA45 ECU removal_-17 CLA45 ECU removal_-18

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