Drones are awesome and can really capture some amazing ariel footage.  But to promote a product, you need to get the word out.  Our friends at Multicopter Warehouse have this Mercedes Sprinter Van with the CDI turbo diesel engine to travel to shows all over the country.  While hauling a trailer, they go in and out of the mountains as they reside in Colorado.  This means more power, better torque, and improved fuel efficiency to showcase their brand.  We hooked them up with a VR Tuned ECU Flash to help deliver this!  The ECU flash for the diesel adjusts the boost, fuel, timing, throttle response of the CDI diesel engine.  With the tune, they can now beat their competitors anywhere in the USA!  Check out the Sprinter Van ECU Flash Here.

josh-sprinter-van-1 josh-sprinter-van-2 sprinter-van-ecu

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