We had a local customer that needed some more power for this 2015 Turbocharged Mini Cooper S.  The Mini’s new powerplant comes with 192hp and the tuning box kit boosts it up to 245hp.  The plug and play solution is perfect for those wanting a warranty safe increase in power.  Better throttle response, more torque, and increase mid to top end are all the positives that come with getting this Tuning Box Kit.  Simply plugging it into the cars camshaft sensor, throttle switch, manifold pressure, and boost sensor, the adjustable box can work with cars running anywhere from 91-98+ octane.  The new 2.0L Mini engine performs great once the Tuning Box is installed.  The installation took about 30 mins as seen on our installation guide and can easily be reverted.  Check out all the details and order your Mini Cooper S F56 Tuning Box Kit Here.

Minicooper2014-3 Minicooper2014-4 VRtuned Mini Cooper VRtuned Mini Cooper-2 VRtuned Mini Cooper-3

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