Just had a customer forward us his dyno sheet of his Porsche 991 Turbo that he installed the Autoflash engine and gearbox tuning on.  The Autoflash is a plug and play OBDII module that gives you more torque, faster shifting, and more horsepower using factory mapping on the ECU and is undetectable by dealers.  As the customer told us, “By the way the TCU software I purchased gave me a gain of 19 wheel hp (25 flywheel) at the 6,500 as for torque 23NM (17 ib/ft) at 6,500,  The increase in torque is only 23NM however it was flat from 5,750 to 6,400 while earlier it dipped by 40NM from 6,000 to 6,500…

We personally did some testing on our own 991 Turbo with these as seen here on the Autoflash product page for the 991 Turbo.  Check out the dyno sheets we did as well.  Read Auto Flash Technical Data Here


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