We tune them all here at Vivid Racing with our VRTuned OBDII flash tuner system.  The iFlash does the reading and writing via the OBDII port and in just mins you can have your car tuned.  This 2002 2.7L 6speed Porsche Boxster has only about 217hp and really could use a pick me up.  The ECU Tuning adjusts the torque limiter, improves the throttle response, and gives the car more timing and fuel to help pull to redline, or in this case, 500rpm past redline.  We also raise the secondary O2 limits for catless exhausts and the speed limiter as well.  Check out the Porsche Boxster ECU Flash here.

PorscheBoxsterVRtuned PorscheBoxsterVRtuned-2 PorscheBoxsterVRtuned-3 PorscheBoxsterVRtuned-4

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