The Porsche Macan S tuning box has been one of the best things to come for the 3.0L Turbo mini SUV.  Very sporty to race around town, the power it can achieve from a little boost is pretty impressive.  Our Tuning Box kit plugs into the cars boost, manifold, and camshaft sensors as well as a power and ground terminal to deliver 60 horsepower and over 100 nm of torque.  The Tuning Box kit features a dial on the back to change the setting based on your pump octane and from there is really no maintenance.  If need be, the tuning box can be easily unplugged and removed for warranty purposes.  Our customer Chuck, part of the Macan Forums, recently installed his and did a couple videos for us.

The first video is of his Macan S using Launch Control.  You can see the ferocity in how hard the 3.0L turbo pulls with the new tuning box kit.  The second video shows a comparison of taking his Macan to 130 mph.  One is a start at 70mph and one is a start at 84mph.  Enjoy the pics and videos and order your Macan S 3.0L Turbo Tuning Box Here.

choi-macan-s-tuning-box-1 choi-macan-s-tuning-box-2 choi-macan-s-tuning-box-3

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