The Auto Flash has its skeptics but we keep proving its performance on the dyno for several cars. One of the performance benefits of the Auto Flash is how it improves dual clutch shifting speed once flashed via the OBDII port.  The point of this test was to include a gearchange to prove the improvement when using our ECU Autoflash. You can see that the gear change is quicker and loses less power. This was running third to fourth gear. You will also note that the torque was rising faster throughout the rev range.

The car is a Mk 7 GTI Performance 230 bhp. You can see the shift faster on the graph with the gear change from 3rd to 4th.

Graph 1: Rolling road gearbox test

  • Blue: Tuning box & ECU Autoflash
  • Green: ECU Autoflash only
  • Black: standard


Graph 2: Straight power curve with no gear changes (in FOURTH gear from 1500RPM)

  • Green: Tuning box and ECU Autoflash
  • Blue: ECU Autoflash only
  • Black: standard


These results speak for themselves! You can see the peak power and torque are far better with both our tuning products but more importantly, that the ECU Autoflash does increase power and torque along with the faster gear changing.

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