Audi S5 4.2L V8 ECU Flash by VR Tuned

In case you didn’t already know, the Audi S5 is a hopped up, all-wheel drive version of the Audi A5. The first generation S5, B8/8T, is the only that came equipped with a V8. The current generation S5 uses a turbocharged V6 and the previous generation used a supercharged V6. Although the V8 engine isn’t […]

Audi S7 Plug-and-Play Tuning Box Review with Video Included

Audi S7, tuning box, review, VR tuned, twin turbocharged, plug and playThe Audi S7 features a monstrous 4.0L twin turbocharged engine that emits a whooping 420 horsepower.  The VR Tuned plug-and-play tuning box is one of the most popular tuning enhancements chosen over the traditional ECU flash for a number of reasons. One of our customers Jason, who is part of the forums, conducted this great video ...