Porsche 987 Boxster 2005 2.7L ECU Flash by VR Tuned

Although many enthusiasts lust after the Porsche 911, its high price for both new and used models puts it out of reach for many. On top of being more expensive, the 911 is a relatively large vehicle, and many of us prefer small and nimble cars. This is where the Porsche Cayman/Boxster. Unfortunately, the older […]

Boosting up the Horsepower on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo

It’s no secret that turbo Porsches are fast cars. It’s also pretty well known that when it comes to the 911 turbo, Porsche leaves a huge amount of performance untapped to protect higher end models. Unfortunately, Porsche also holds Cayenne Turbo back from its true performance. Luckily, uncovering that power is pretty easy with an […]

VR Tuned ECU Flash on a Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus

When it comes to supercars, the Audi R8 is one of the most popular because it combines the best of luxury and performance without being insanely expensive compared to other supercars. In the back is the same 5.2L V10 that we’ve all come to know. This engine has been in production for quite a while, […]

Lotus Evora S ECU Flash with VR Tuned

For people who love the super lightweight nature of the Lotus Elise and love the British quirkiness of the Lotus brand, but want more size and power than the Elise offers, the Evora is the perfect solution. It’s lightweight like the Elise, but with a larger body and significantly more powerful. The Evora S specifically […]

ECU Tuning the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2

To the average person, modifying a Lamborghini might sound outlandish. I mean, who would try to improve a supercar, right? Wrong. Although Lamborghini does a decent job squeezing nearly every ounce of performance out of their vehicles, there is always a little bit left on the table. Most of the times this performance is left […]

BMW 550I E60 ECU Tuning by VR Tuned

Automotive enthusiasts know, very well, how much of a beast the BMW M5 is. It’s basically a supercar slaying sedan. Unfortunately, the greatness of the M5 often overshadows any five series BMW below it, such as the 550i. BMW enthusiasts know the 550i know that with a little bit of modification, the 550i can be […]

2011 Mini Cooper S 1.6L Turbo ECU Tuning

Mini Cooper makes some of the most iconic hot hatches in existence. Pretty much everyone knows how much fun it is to zip around town in a Mini, but when it comes to pure performance, some of us are left wanting more. Luckily, Mini has been using turbocharged engines, and getting more from a turbo […]