Volkswagen Golf R32 3.2L V6 ECU Tuning

Although the Volkswagen GTI is an excellent little car, some enthusiasts really don’t like front-wheel-drive. If you want a small Volkswagen hatchback and also want an all-wheel-drive system, then the R32 has your name on it. Under the hood is Volkswagen’s 3.2L VR6 engine which outputs 247 horsepower and 236 ft-lbs of torque. Most people […]

Mini Cooper S F56 with Tuning Box Plug and Play Kit

scott-mini-cooper-f56-tuning-box-3Pretty much everyone knows that Mini Coopers are fun to drive cars; they’re basically like a big go-kart. The Mini Cooper S F56 is equipped with a turbocharger which opens up a whole world of tuning options. The typical intake and exhaust modifications will gain a decent amount of horsepower, but a tune is a great ...

Toyota Tundra – How to ECU Flash Remotely

daniel-clever-tundra-tuning-2The Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8 has become a very popular vehicle for upgrades since we started our Project Tundra here.  Our VR Tuned ECU Flash article we did with dynos and videos has received a huge number of views and more importantly, great reviews from our customers.  One of our latest VR Tuned customers, Daniel, ...

Bentley Continental GT ECU Tuning

BentThe Bentley Continental GT has a massive 6.0L W12 twin turbocharged engine making 552 horsepower.  What was once a near $200K car can be had for the sub $100K making this a great luxury sports coupe to own.  Many variants of the Continental GT have been in existence since its 2003 creation.  These different versions ...
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McLaren 570S ECU Tune and Dyno Results

DYNO_570S-1McLaren 570S ECU flash has been done!  So lets talk about the dyno.  First of all, is the setup.  At Vivid Racing we run a Mustang AWD dynamometer.  We have had this dyno since 2005 and routinely service it to make sure the calibrations are correct.  The Mustang dyno is also known as the heartbreaker ...

Audi S7 Plug-and-Play Tuning Box Review with Video Included

Audi S7, tuning box, review, VR tuned, twin turbocharged, plug and playThe Audi S7 features a monstrous 4.0L twin turbocharged engine that emits a whooping 420 horsepower.  The VR Tuned plug-and-play tuning box is one of the most popular tuning enhancements chosen over the traditional ECU flash for a number of reasons. One of our customers Jason, who is part of the forums, conducted this great video ...

McLaren 12C ECU Flash Upgrade with PBox Times

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 1.10.29 PMThe McLaren 12C ECU flash is just one upgrade that takes this 3.8L twin turbo supercar to a whole new level. Having ripped the 1/2 mile to 168mph in our 12C, we at Vivid Racing love to prove our product and provide customers with the same remarkable experience. This particular ECU upgrade was done for a McLarenLife forum member ...