VR Tuned M5 F90 Tuning Box Released!

Although there are some people out there who don’t like the M5, there is no denying that it has borderline supercar performance. The twin-turbo 4.4L V8 under the hood of the F90 is an evolution of the previous M5’s engine, and this time around it has new turbochargers which make 24.5 psi compared to 21.8 […]

BMW M2 Tuning Box Install Video

The BMW M2 Tuning Box is a great way to add warranty safe, plug and play horse power to the powerful 3.0L engine.  Easily gain 52 horsepower, the multi-channel tuning box plugs into the stock boost pressure,...

Audi S7 Plug-and-Play Tuning Box Review with Video Included

Audi S7, tuning box, review, VR tuned, twin turbocharged, plug and playThe Audi S7 features a monstrous 4.0L twin turbocharged engine that emits a whooping 420 horsepower.  The VR Tuned plug-and-play tuning box is one of the most popular tuning enhancements chosen over the traditional ECU flash for a number of reasons. One of our customers Jason, who is part of the forums, conducted this great video ...