2018 Can-Am X3 ECU Flash Dyno Test

How much does an ECU Flash gain on the 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 RS?  We will show you here at Vivid Racing on our Mustang Dyno.  This customer of @mtsoffroad, got the VR Tuned ECU flash done and wanted to verify power.  In addition to the ECU flash, they also installed an Agency Power valvetronic […]

2003 Porsche 996 Carrera ECU Flash

Porsche makes some of the best sports cars in the world. The GT3 and GT3RS are some of the fastest road legal cars ever. While it would be awesome to have one of those Porsches, not everyone can afford one. For the common man there is the 911 Carrera, and with some simple modifications, you […]

Porsche 997 Carrera S Tiptronic Gets VR Tuned

john-t-porsche997-c2s-flash3Although many enthusiasts lust after the Porsche GT3 and GT3RS, some of want the Porsche experience without driving a crazy track oriented car. The Carrera S is the perfect middle ground and with some basic modifications, it can be turned into quite a powerful car. One of those basic modifications is an ECU tune which ...

Porsche 991 GT3 ECU Flash at Autohaus Frankfurt

brian-porsche-991-gt3-ecu-flash3What Porsche has done with their 3.8L DFI engine in the 991 GT3 is absolutely amazing. They were able to squeeze 475 horsepower out of it without the use of forced induction. When you do the math this comes out to 125 horsepower/liter which is nothing short of amazing. For comparison, if a 5.0L Mustang ...

Mini Cooper S R56 ECU Upgrade by VR Tuned

brent-mini-cooper-s-2Anyone who has ever been in a Mini Cooper knows just how fun they are. They’re small and nimble, but they aren’t particularly fast in a straight line. Luckily newer Cooper S models use a turbocharged engine. This is done mostly for fuel economy since turbocharges are much more effecient then superchargers. The benifit of Mini using ...

Bentley Continental GT ECU Tuning

BentThe Bentley Continental GT has a massive 6.0L W12 twin turbocharged engine making 552 horsepower.  What was once a near $200K car can be had for the sub $100K making this a great luxury sports coupe to own.  Many variants of the Continental GT have been in existence since its 2003 creation.  These different versions ...
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Ferrari California Turbo Gets a Bump in Power and Sound With Help From VRTuned and Capristo! Video Included

Fer_California_VRTuned_Capristo-2Two Simple Modifications Can Really Bring Life Into Your Ferrari California Turbo! The California was an interesting production model for the Italian company Ferrari. They set out to make an comfortable touring style hard top which was a front engine rear drive car. This was the first production car from Ferrari that had a 7 Speed ...