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BMW X5M ECU Flash with Cold Start Delete

When you think of performance oriented SUVs, the BMW X5M is probably near the top of your list. Outputting 550+ horsepower, it has the power to put a hurting on many modern sports cars all while having room for the whole family. Interestingly enough, BMW left a huge amount of performance on the table with […]

BMW 550I E60 ECU Tuning by VR Tuned

Automotive enthusiasts know, very well, how much of a beast the BMW M5 is. It’s basically a supercar slaying sedan. Unfortunately, the greatness of the M5 often overshadows any five series BMW below it, such as the 550i. BMW enthusiasts know the 550i know that with a little bit of modification, the 550i can be […]

VR Tuned M5 F90 Tuning Box Released!

Although there are some people out there who don’t like the M5, there is no denying that it has borderline supercar performance. The twin-turbo 4.4L V8 under the hood of the F90 is an evolution of the previous M5’s engine, and this time around it has new turbochargers which make 24.5 psi compared to 21.8 […]