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VR Tuned ECU Diagnostics Scan Tool Cable Can-Am


VR Tuned


  • 1 x VR Tuned OBDII ECU Flash Cable Kit

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The VR Tuned iFlash for the Can-Am can be used as a diagnostic tool to read and clear trouble codes.  The cable kit is typically sold as part of our ECU tuning products for Can-Am.  However with more and more ECU tuners on the market and customers with different aftermarket products, we wanted to offer this cable for sale for those that just need to read and clear trouble codes.  The kit includes the 6 pin connector to work directly with the diagnostic port on your Can-Am.  It supports all Bosch ME17.8 ECUs that are found in the Can-Am vehicles.  The program does require a Windows based tablet or laptop with a USB port to work as described on our instructions page linked below.  Going through the prompts, once you are at the main screen you simply choose the Diagnostics tab.  Here you you can choose to read the codes which will generate the error number.  This number can then be Googled or referenced if you have Can-Am documentation.  To see how the diagnostics tool works, please see our video. 


  • VR Tuned Cable Kit - Part Number: VRT-CABLE
  • Can-Am Adapter Cable - Part Number: VRT-CANAM-CABLE
  • Storage Case
  • OBDII dongle with 16pin to 6pin adapter for Can-Am
  • USB to Mini USB cable
  • USB Storage Device
  • VR Tuned Badge

How to Use the Software?

  • Visit our instructions page and access the link to the Can-Am specific instructions.  Read the basics and click the DOWNLOAD HERE tab on the instructions page.  Enter the password that is on the card in your Cable Kit.  Download the Can-Am iFlash system.  Follow the prompts, select the ECU Bosch ME17.8.5, then use the Diagnostics tab.  See Instructions Here


  • If you wish to purchase the cable now and get our VR Tuned ECU tuning later, you only pay the difference in price of the tune plus cable.
  • This tool does not do data logging.
  • This tool does not read out your ECU data.
  • This tool is locked to our Master and others encrypted tuned files will not work with this cable.
  • This tool locks to 1 VIN.


  • Can-Am Maverick X3 RS, DS, RC, Turbo 2017+
  • Can-Am Maverick 1000 and 1000 Turbo 2014+
  • Can-Am Maverick Trail
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport
  • Can-Am Commander 
  • And any other Can-Am product with a Rotax Engine featuring the Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU.

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What is VR Tuned?

VR Tuned (†is the offshoot of globally known, high-performance retail parts specialists, Vivid Racing. VR Tuned products include everything you need from booster pedals, ECU flashes, and gearbox tuning to tuning accessories and complete tuning box kits.

Having had success in popular tuning chassis' such as the Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi EVO, and BMW M3, this was a natural progression of expansion in VRís repertoire of vehicles. As the tuning market boomed extensively in the early 2000s, Vivid Racing established a very strong presence online and throughout vehicle communities. When the recession came, Vivid Racing continued to grow and focus on the development of its products, distribution network, and most importantly, its customers. The diversity of vehicle products and services has allowed Vivid Racing to continue to strive for excellence while maintaining exceptional growth.

ECU tuning has always been an extremely important part of modifying and building vehicles. This is essentially the glue that brings the performance out of aftermarket products and packages to truly take vehicles to the next level. With this next stage in the companyís footprint, VR Tuned was proudly launched in January 2014 and continues to grow to this day.

Our Tuning Expertise

As the tuning industryís tools became more accessible, so has the ability to partner and work with individuals to offer a unique service with added value. Working with several tuning companies over the years, we have experienced the upsides and downsides of the ECU tuning world. As it is our mission to offer unparalleled customer service and support, it is equally important to offer a great product that is tested, convenient to use, and priced within reason for the current demographic.

With a Mustang All-Wheel-Drive Dynamometer in-house at our Gilbert, Arizona facility, we have spent countless hours testing tuned files, the effects of different vehicle modifications, and learning how vehicles react to these changes. But most importantly, our product confidence comes in that we have owned these vehicles, daily driven these vehicles, raced these vehicles, and understand what the consumer is looking for. Our YouTube channel also features a host of videos showcasing our ECU and tuning products with before and after results as well as drive-by videos to demonstrate just how much more power and performance you can gain.

Why Choose VR Tuned?

VR Tuned products are used all around the world with satisfying results! VR Tuned ECU Tuning is done by altering the parameters to maximize output while keeping your vehicle safe and reliable with no check engine lights. VR Tuned offers the best and most efficient ECU flash over all of the competition. Our flashing is done via the diagnostic port which allows you to flash between the stock and tuned file. The flashing software gives you the convenience to easily flash your car and update files if necessary.

After careful testing, our VR Tuned flash adds power gains across the power band in both horsepower and torque that can be felt. Whatís more, our flashing takes roughly three minutes compared to the competition that takes almost 20 minutes! Basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU as it will merely adapt to these mods. Other parts like colder spark plugs, boost tubes, or diverter valves are not required but can help performance. We can tune cars of all kinds, including JDM, EU, Australian, and USA cars for different types of octane and environments. Itís important to note that we do not lock, "pot", or keep control of your ECU. †If you decide to take it to another tuner for an upgrade, all flashing ability is retained.

VR Tuned at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to tune up your ride, our experts can help get you started with our VR Tuned line of products. VR Tuned systems will enhance your carís overall performance with results that are sure to please. Unleash the true potential of your ride today, and contact a Vivid Racing parts specialist at (480) 966-3040 to learn more.