Diesel cars and suvs are almost a hidden gem to the USA.  All over the rest of the world, diesel is more common than one would think.  It is a tuners and drivers paradise to work with as the turbo diesel engines done by Volkswagen and BMW can make some serious power.  This personally owned Volkswagen Touareg TDI was ready for more power so we did our VR Tuned ECU flash on it.  The 2011 SUV is a daily driver, road tripp’r, and family machine that now at 50,000 miles could use some more spunk.

To flash the Touareg ECU, it requires it being removed from the vehicle as it cannot be OBDII flashed.  The Bosch EDC17 Tricore Processor must be flashed on the bench using a bench flash tool in boot mode.  VR Tuned has this capability to properly read and write the map data.  Adjusting the vehicles boost, fuel, and timing, tuning the VW TDI Touareg takes the SUV from 225hp, 406ft/lb to about 290 horsepower with 450 ft/lbs of torque.

In addition to the ECU flash, we also did a custom catback exhaust system with quad tips.  The exhaust system weighs substantially less than the factory unit and flows a lot better then the stock muffler.  The dyno below shows the comparison of the exhaust vs stock exhaust test.  This system is available from our sister company, www.agency-power.com.

Once flashed, the throttle response is extremely enhanced and the torque comes on much quicker.  The SUV feels as if it pulls much harder through the revs and there is almost no turbo lag between the gears.  Daily driving fuel economy is not sabotaged unless you have a lead foot.  Even though this is a owner/operator blog, this is truly an amazing upgrade that gave the Touareg, Porsche Cayenne Turbo power!

View TDI ECU Tuning Here.  View ECU Removal Instructions here.



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