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Alientech Master Pro Dealer ECU Tuning Start Up Kit KessV2 and KTag




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If you are ready to launch into the ECU Tuning business, this Pro Dealer Kit has everything you need to tune anything that has an available protocol for it. What is important when it comes to being able to read and write the ECU is what ECU type it is such as Bosch ME7.8, Siemens SDI6, etc. These ECU's are used across many different vehicle platforms where some require the ECU to be flashed on the bench in boot mode, and others can be flashed via the OBDII port. Different ECU's require different adapters or pins to allow you to connect to the ECU. There are 2 main tools available and sold as Master Units in this kit. A Master means it is not locked to any other company and you have the decrypted files.

The first tool is the KessV2. The KessV2 is what you would use to OBDII flash many vehicles. The iPad Mini sized unit has a connection for the OBDII cable and the USB cable to the vehicle. This OBDII cable does not lock to any VIN and can be used on a number of different vehicles. When you launch the KSuite interface, it allows you to select the vehicle or protocol to read from giving you exact directions on how to read and write the data. Once the file is read out, you can tune it in the seperate included software such as WinOLS.

The KTag master tool is used for bench flashing. This unit is gives you the exact instructions for how to flash a ECU in boot pin with where to connect wires, jumper pins, and more. The KTag unit uses many different cables, adapters, and other wires depending on the ECU type. Some ECU's require just power and ground, where some require special adapters to bypass ECU encryption. The KTag gives you all the instructions on this. If you are not sure which protocol or ECU type to use, for Bosch ECU's you can look up the Bosch number on the ECU cover here (Bosch Catalog).

This pro kit we have assembled includes everything you need to read and write almost any ECU. These are genuine, licensed, Alientech products made and designed in Italy.

If you have any questions on the functions and use of these tools, please contact or call 1.480.966.3040 and ask for the Tuning Department.

  • View Current Application List Here
  • KTAG Master w/Full protocols: includes 12 month subscription
  • KTAG Master - 12 month Subscription (not needed for the first year)
  • Positioning Frame: includes 4x Programming probes
  • KESS Master w/Car Protocols: includes 12 month subscription
  • KESS Master - 12 month Subscription (not needed for the first year)
  • Please note that you will need a file editor to be able to do the actual tuning. Alientech does have their ECM Titanium system or some people use WinOLS. This is not included.

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Who is Alientech?

Alientech is an aftermarket company that specializes in producing tuning tools for the automotive industry. Most modern vehicles use an Electronic Control Unit or ECU to control all the functions of the vehicle. 

As efficient as it is, the only problem is that it cannot be tuned with a simple screwdriver, unlike older technology. Thanks to Alientech, it is now possible to tune the ECU with just a few clicks of a button.

Leading Experts In The World Of ECU Tuning

Alientech is considered as the Pioneers of ECU Remapping. The company has evolved to provide a complete chip tuning solution to the market. They have provided a simplified solution to recalibrate most ECUs and TCUs unheard of back in the day.

Continuous Innovation

The company has always pushed itself to develop innovative products that can adapt to changing trends in automotive technology. They offer a complete line of tuning tools, from universal kits to vehicle-specific ones. Today, many professionals and enthusiasts are using their product for its effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Purchase Alientech Products At Vivid Racing

If you like working on your own or a professional mechanic working on newer model vehicles, then a proper tuning device should be in your toolbox. If you are in the market for one, then look no further as Alientech has got you covered. 

They are an expert in manufacturing tuning equipment and are trusted by thousands of enthusiast from all over the globe. To know more about Alientech, visit Vivid Racing and check their list of products that fit your specific needs.