What We Offer

VR Tuned OBDII Flash

OBDII ECU Flashes via the VR iFlash Tool allows for flashing the tuned and original files to the vehicle. We cover many different ECU’s from Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Ford, GM. Click below to see all of the ECU’s we flash.

VR Tuned Tuning Box

Many newer vehicles (2013+) have special tuning encryption which do not let you read out data from the ECU. These Tuning Boxes are plug and play tuners that plug into stock engine sensors to give you up to 40% more horesepower. These are specific for Turbocharged vehicles.

VR Tuned Gearbox Flash

The Auto Flash tool is a OBDII port plug and play device that is designed to enhance your vehicles gearbox performance. This is great for NA cars giving you faster throttle response, quicker shifting, and more pull through the RPMs.

VR Tuned Power Pedal

The 3 stage power pedal is a great add-on for todays electronically controlled throttle vehicles. Much like a sport button does on some cars, this plug and play unit gives you 3 stages of throttle sensitivity so you can modulate the throttle better. You can have it off, Level 1, or Level 2.