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  • 996 Turbo Upgrades to a VR Tuned ECU Flash
    We had a local customer bring his Porsche 996 Turbo to get reflashed with our VR Tuned software.  The car actually already had a tune on it but it was very flat feeling in the midrange power curve.  The best way to tune a ECU is based off of the original map.  So we connected our Porsche PIWIS fa... Read More
  • Dyno 1/4 Mile Drag Race with the CLA 45 Tuning Box
    Ever done a 1/4 mile run standing still on a dyno? What a rush! We through the Mustang Dyno in 1/4 mile race mode and rand through the tree. You can see we had traction issues as it slipped through 2nd gear. The corrected time was a high 11 second. Not bad for a stock Mercedes CLA45 with the VR Tune... Read More
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